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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Oakland! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Oakland, CA. 1. Not only do we attend the latest industry seminars, we also make use of the latest technology when it comes to our equipment, and also make sure that all staff are fully trained. We are fully insured and licensed so you know we are the right fit for the job. To protect your property we carry commercial liability insurance. Why have we told you this? Because those are just a few reasons why you should hire us for your pest control issue. There’s more too … Our business is family-run, and we have over a decade of experience helping us to find the right and most humane techniques. We want to ensure that both you and the pest in question is happy with the outcome. That’s also why we refuse to use fumigants or poisons. We are NOT exterminators, and we do NOT deal with bugs or insects. We know that animals don’t take a day off, and that’s just why we work 24/7. Our phones are manned 24/7 too, so if you ever need some helpful wildlife control advice to deal with the problem yourself, get in touch. It’s free! If you do need our services, we’ll give you a price-figure over the phone (ballpark) so that you’re not met with any nasty surprise. You’ll find that our pricing is very competitive. Call us now at 925-961-3208 for your Oakland wildlife control needs.

About Pest Animal Removal Oakland and Our Services:

Property inspections and in-attic inspections.

Nuisance wildlife trapping and removal.

Critter damage repair to your home.

Attic restoration and decontamination.

We never use poisons! We don't handle insects.

Licensed and insured in California

We get rid of animals in the attic

Oakland dead animal removal inside houses.

California Snake control services

Bird Removal and Prevention

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

We service all of Alameda County, and towns of Alameda, Albany, Berkeley, Dublin, Emeryville, Fremont, Hayward, Livermore, Newark, Piedmont, Pleasanton, San Leandro, Union City, Ashland, Castro Valley, Cherryland, Fairview, San Lorenzo, Sunol, and more.

Oakland Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month

Squirrel Prevention Tips

Your house, garden, sheds, and even your yard itself, holds a number of temptations for the average squirrel. It can be a secure source of shelter. It can provide ample food and drinking water. It can be place to gather and play with other squirrels. Squirrels love fresh vegetables, seeds, and fruits. They like to chew wood, drywall, wiring, etc. In fact, because of their ever-growing teeth the MUST constantly chew. They like to travel through the tree tops. They also love to get free room and board wherever they can find it. Your home and property is huge temptation to squirrels and other creatures.

Your unsecured sheds, and cracks in your siding are open invitations for squirrels to move in and come to dinner. Many times, we think that the easiest solution for keeping out Oakland squirrels is to put out traps or lace the area with toxic poisons. But let’s think about the inherent danger to pets, your family, or other people and animals that might be exposed to these hazards? What about the possibility of poison leeching into the water table? Where do the squirrels go to die, and what pests will the rotting carcasses attract? There are ways to save your house and property from a squirrel infestation that do not require dangerous chemicals or traps to keep you free of these annoying pests. If you want to keep California squirrels away from your yard, out of your gardens, and away from your home, here are some simple tips.

Don’t allow the squirrels to come in! Fence your yard in a proper manner so that Oakland squirrels cannot get in the first place. You should use hardware cloth because they cannot fit through the small sized holes. You need to BURY your hardware cloth fence at least six inches deep because California squirrels are burrowing animals. Angle the top few inches of the fence AWAY from your property to prevent the animals from scaling it. Squirrels are also very able climbers. Many people are fans of an electric fence, but that is a drastic measure that is usually unnecessary.

Trim all your trees and shrubs back so that overhanging branches do not extend over your fence. This also goes for trees inside the fenced area as well. Make sure your trees cannot be used as ladders or bridges to allow the California squirrels to drop in to your yard, or onto the roof of your home or other structures. Always keep your fence line clear. If you install a gate, make sure the gaps are minimal, and that it is kept closed. Using natural repellents is supposed to work as well. Planting mint around the outskirts of your area is said to be an excellent deterrent. . Mint is a supposed natural Oakland squirrel repellent, and there are about 60 different delicious and wonderful smelling varieties of mint for you to choose. To scare the squirrels away, you can Sprinkle predator urine from a fox, big cat (like a mountain lion or panther), wolf, or bear around your yard. You can these “scents” wherever most hunting supplies are sold. Let your dogs and children play in the yard often, and plan family gathering outside with lots of noise and movement. This will help discourage the skittish squirrels from coming in.

Keep all your outside pet food and water dishes picked up. Store your garbage in cans with fitted lids, and keep all feed in closable bins. You should keep your compost and fertilizer in sealed containers that are in good condition without holes and cracks. Keep the area and the ground around your Oakland home clean. Make sure you get rid of any piles of debris and yard refuse. If you have an outside eating are, clean up your leftovers and plates promptly do not leave food or residue on your grill, and make sure the trash is secure.