Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work?

There are many question all over the internet that question efficacy of electronic and ultrasound machines that advertise they repel insects and small animals, including Oakland raccoons, with the use of high-pitched sound. There is no scientific proof nor there has been conducted any study that would test these machines and show that they have any efficiency whatsoever.

These repellents claim that unpleasant sound that can be heard only by Oakland raccoons will be so unpleasant for them, that they will leave. However, all that we have found out so far is that there were many disappointed users of such machines and no one has reported that any of these has has any real effect.

Federal Trade Commission has issued a statement in which they claim they have complained some of these products, stating there is no real evidence that they have any repelling effect on California raccoons. Until there is a real evidence of their effect, no one can claim so, because this is customer fraud. Actually, if you read some of the treads online about this topic, you will discover many disappointed customers who have completely wasted money on high pitch sound deterrent machine. Don't let yourself be one of these that have been fooled into believing that a product has some effects that it actually doesn't have.

It is the fact that Oakland raccoons are very endurable animals and can withhold many negative elements (including all sorts of repellents) once they create their home in your attic. There is no use in wasting time on repellents, either chemical or sound/visual ones. These just don't work. It is up to you how you want to spend your money, but as there is no satisfied customer of this machine, it is our recommendation to use this money to hire a professional who will approach California raccoon problem in your home differently. Instead of using ineffective products that don't do any good, invest in hiring a professional that will solve this problem for good.

It is not about temporarily getting rid of Oakland raccoons that will probably get back in no time-it is about finding the lasting solution and getting rid of raccoons from your attic. Professional will apply traps that will not hurt raccoon and will also find all the raccoons in the attic (because female raccoon usually means there are several babies in the attic as well!). It is also important to take California raccoons far away from your home-because otherwise they will find their way back to your attic in a short while. Raccoons are very smart animals and very determined, and it is important to handle this problem with all the aspects taken into the consideration.

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