Oakland Wildlife and Animal Removal

What Kind of Damage do Animals Cause in Attics?

If you hear scratching, skittering and chattering in your attic, that can’t be good. There are a number of Oakland creatures that will gladly inhabit your attic and call it home. Some are looking for immediate shelter to have their young, some are moving in for good. Whatever the reason they move in, you could be in for problems. The mess left from food and waste is the number 1 thing that comes to most peoples minds. The smell and mess caused by piles of waste mounting up in your attic.

The smell it causes and the potential for disease and attracting other pests like insects that feed on feces. Waste deposited in your attic space also soaks into insulation, floor boards and walls ruining them and causing structural damage. Most animals, like Oakland rodents constantly chew by nature. They are not particular about what they chew; they do it to control their teeth. In this case wiring, insulation, your Christmas decorations, drywall, in other words ANYTHING they can get their mouth on is chewable. Of course this constant chewing does more than just destroy your property. They more they ingest, the more they defecate, taking us back to problem #1. Animals that need a secure birthing spot are particularly dangerous. They are protecting their young.

They can be territorial and vicious. They will tear up your attic creating a nest, and make the usual mess involved with the birth of almost any Oakland creature. The babies will be noisy from the start, and as they grow and become curious, they will use more than just their nest area as a bathroom. If all these reasons aren’t enough imagine if a creature dies in your attic. The potential for smell and attracting carrion feeders to your home is a scary thought.

California animals moving into your attic need to make an opening so they are going to damage the exterior of your home as well, whether it is to chew a hole in your soffit, or damage attic ventilation. To avoid these problems you can take preventative action. Watch your home’s exterior. If you see undue Oakland animal activity, check your attic space. Look for stray droppings around your home, and listen for unusual noises. If you discover that you have been invaded, take action immediately. There are lots of DIY methods available, or you can call a California professional animal removal service to take care of the problem.

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