What Kind of Damage can Chipmunks Cause?

Recognizing the signs of Oakland Chipmunk damage is one of the first thing you should either be alerted to or to learn. Footprints are one of the first signatures; it is most remarkable as it has 4 toes in the front and 5 toes in the back. Bird feeders will generally have mounds of seeds underneath them. Digging for plant roots is one of the obvious signs. This digging will leave holes or garden. The most troublesome indication is the undermining the structure and/or your foundation. California chipmunks are creatures of opportunity. By this I mean you can encourage infestation quite accidentally, providing water, even pet food and not surprising plant roots, bulbs and shelter.

California chipmunks do not have to be outside to find food and shelter. Chipmunks are just the right size for living in crawl spaces. Chipmunks have the tendency to live in basements and crawl spaces. They very rarely actually enter the Oakland home itself. Because of the rapid reproduction of baby chipmunks, there is the tendency to build large burrows with this you may have problems with the undermining of the your foundation. The most important sign of damage to your home or structures are the burrows next to your house. Burrows don’t just go straight down; their length however, can be quite long. The burrowing under the structure of foundation is quite casual. They feel safe being close to a building or under ground cover.

There are those who find that Oakland chipmunks are relatively harmless, and they are. However the biggest problem is with burrowing and particularly when the burrows go under your foundation. But this applies to most burrowing animals. Garden damage is yet another problem with the California chipmunk. Getting plant roots and bulbs are what they are mostly fond of. It is primarily indicative that it is your garden that will suffer the most from the chipmunk. This will apply to both your vegetable and flower gardens. The number of chipmunks will determine the undermining of your structural California property.

Chipmunks tend to create less damage to your Oakland property than most other burrowing animals. Due to the size, one may find it surprising of the damage that they can do. Most damage indeed occurs in your California garden and you can be very disappointeddue to the amount of work and time that you put into your garden. They will eat the plant seed, bulbs and the roots.

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