Where do the Opossums Live?

Opossums are some of the smallest marsupials living in North America. The Oakland opossum weigh around eight pounds and they have a skull with a prominent ridge that gives it a large cranial surface area to which the muscle jaws are attached. They have an appearance that is rat like and the typical animal has a long and coarse grayish fur and a tail that is prehensile. The muzzle is slender and sharp while the nose is pink and eyes black.

Opossums can live basically anywhere as long as there is a safe, cozy space that is near a water source and a food source. In the wild, the Oakland opossums prefer the swamps, and wooded streams that are damp and low. The areas that have hedge rows and small streams that are wooded are preferred over the forested upland areas. Thepossums poses a small brain and theyaren’t that fast. They can be preyed on by owls, foxes, dogs and even coyotes. Opossums don’t seem to have any kind of territory. They wonder off in any area where they can find food and water and they can stay there for as long as there is food and water available. The California opossums can be a nuisance in the rural and urban areas. They can play possums when the situation calls for it.

In the urban setting
Due to human encroachment of land and the building ofsuburban and urban areas, the opossums have been displaced from their homes. It is for this reason that there are Oakland opossum issues at some localities. In the urban areas, the opossum can be able to thrive. Usually, they can gain access to your home and make their own home within your home in a very easy way. Theyaregoodclimbers and they love the attic. The thing with the California opossums is that theycan leave quite a mess within the atticonce they areremoved and pose illness dangers. The other part of the house that they can use as a home is under the deck or porch. They look for such areas especially when they are about to give birth to their young. They also make homes within your shed. They pose great dangers and should be trapped and relocated.

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