Oakland Wildlife and Animal Removal

Sea Gull Control Measures

Seagulls can be pesky in nature, they can attack virtually any California property or materials on land and sea, therefore, they need to be constantly repelled in order to avoid their nasty damages. Sea gull damages may include; fecal material deposits, chewing of wood, and feeding on food items in the trash bin. There are numerous ways of controlling Oakland sea gulls, these include; the use of ultrasonic repellents, trapping, shooting, poison baits and exclusion fences. Seagull infestation can also cause a number of bacteria and parasitic infections that can affect both humans and animals, and for this reason, you need to make use of an effective control measure.

If your property is located close to a pond , you should consider using a Gator guard- this is a replica of an alligator head with mirrored eyes, it floats on the water and the Oakland seagulls may think that it is a real alligator watching their movements. The wind blows this repellant on water and its eyes can flash in sunlight conditions, thus it is very easy to use in deterring sea gulls from your property.

Bird wire is one of the most effective traps you can use in capturing Oakland sea gulls. This trap is humane and it is highly effective especially when you want to keep seagulls away from ledges, beams and long surfaces( including your property roof). The trap is a wire, made of stainless steel, that can prevent birds from landing on ledges or any other surface that are commonly used by sea gulls. The Seagull chemical repellent or additive , is one of the effective chemicals that can be used in deterring seagulls from your property or surroundings. This chemical is made up of ingredients that irritate California seagulls and prevent them from roosting, flocking or even feeding in and around your property.

Though shooting of seagulls may be recommended but such is recommended when you reside in a country-side region where residential Oakland houses are not many or where such activities are licensed. Shooting can also be effective when seagulls are not flocking around. Similarly, the use of poisoned bait can be effective , however, the location of such baits must be carefully controlled , and that means the bait must not be placed closed to where humans and pets move to. Poisoned baits can also cause environmental hazards especially when many California seagulls are killed through the process- you need to dispose the birds off quickly before they stink.

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